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Sales Team and Executive Coaching

Through a results-proven system of training and coaching techniques, born from a deep understanding of best practices in the discipline of positive psychology, The Hayner Group can inspire achievement among sales force and leadership teams to bring measurable improvement in business performance and profits.

For sales teams to be most effective, they must know how to develop a compelling business case that balances product features and business-level benefits. We understand the complexities of a technically-inclined sales process, and provide sales teams the tools to increase sales efficiency and close rates.

At the executive level, The Hayner Group provides coaching services that help leadership teams to think strategically about the challenges and opportunities they must address. We apply the science of Business Process Engineering (BPE), which is the science of building, identifying, and managing processes. Using BPE we help you reach maximum levels of efficiency today and design a structure to help continuously improve the way work gets done. In addition to focusing on the organization, we also focus on the individual, helping executives understand how to better motivate their employees, sharpen their own skills, and fully align corporate culture with all other aspects of the business. Through this process, we empower people with new tactical and strategic perspectives from our experts, who have had first-hand experience in executive roles at mid-market, growth-oriented companies.

Our results-proven system comes together by measurement. We strongly believe in the phrase: "You cannot manage what you cannot measure". The answer is in the data and for us the data is obtained by tracking activity and behavior.

We believe in setting goals based on individual or organizational values. Once set, we track activity and behavior related to these goals. Activities are the concrete manifestations of your corporate values, and behavior is the action—how the activity is performed. We help your organization monitor and plan activities, help you set concrete goals or KPI’s, set-up troubleshooting methods, and we complete the improvement loop by helping set incentives for success. When finished we have found this methodology to be self-reinforcing on the part of the employee, and the beneficiaries are both the employee and the organization.