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Sales Methodology Model Development and Implementation

With an experience-based expertise in building efficient sales engines, The Hayner Group helps align sales functions with sales goals to implement proven models for repeatable success.

Our sales models are designed to multiply the return on efforts made by both the sales and marketing teams within the organization, so that from initial outreach to sales follow up, tactics are aligned to accelerate the closing process.

We assess a variety of factors, including business model, customer profile, lead generation strategies and more, to identify the methods that can be optimized and opportunities to enhance the sales model’s ROI. These models allow for proper human capital alignment, improved funnel management, and stronger alignment between sales engineering and sales.

The overarching sales model developed will allow the organization to benchmark KPIs around activity and behavior, and link prospective customer commitments with timelines and stages to better predict the frequency of closed sales. This model does not rely on a gut feel. It is process-driven and is a critical element in the successful scaling of sales organizations.