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Organizational Strategic Planning

Optimize your organization’s ability to grow and prosper with systematic and repeatable strategies for success.

The Hayner Group will leverage our unique blend of sales expertise, business acumen, technical knowledge and industry experience to develop and implement your organizational, procedural and strategic plans for growth.

We bring an expert perspective and holistic approach to identifying and executing the strategies that enable your company to aim higher and achieve more. Defining the areas that are most critical to revenue generation, we craft clear programs for building systems that are effective today, and support all phases of growth in the future. Our services include:

Strategy Development

Through a thorough strategic planning process, we evaluate factors related to sales and marketing, market demand, performance gaps, customer satisfaction, talent development, productivity, financials, and more, ultimately determining the right route for maximum growth.
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Organizational Design

To help maximize efficiency and support future growth, The Hayner Group will evaluate and align your organizational structure to optimally accommodate future strategic goals. We begin with an identification of the standard approach, and customize based on culture. We ask the questions what works and why? Then ask, will this scale? These questions allow us to address the macro picture, as well as identify where individual change is needed as well as make suggestions for job-training.
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Service Offerings and Program Development

By examining the service requirements most important to your customers, our team will help you develop a set of solution offerings and programs that best meet their demands and drive more revenue for your business. We will assess your organization’s capabilities, identify gaps and opportunities in your current services mix, and help implement new models with rollout plans that generate the greatest customer acceptance and satisfaction.
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Sales Model Development

Our team will help you build a sales model for today and for future sales growth.
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To learn more about our strategic planning services and how they can help you accelerate your growth initiatives, contact us today.