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Implementation of “Cradle to Grave” Customer Experience (CE) Models

To enable companies to improve business operations through Business Process Engineering, The Hayner Group helps companies build and implement a universal customer experience model (CE Model).

This model will be adapted to account for existing workflows. We enhance workflows that are already effective, and for those which are less effective we help rebuild them, and provide training on how to make them become exceptional.

Implementation of the CE Model spans the entire workflow of a sale—beginning to end. It enables all employees to better understand how they contribute to the end product by reducing the ambiguity of who does what and when in each phase of the cycle, while enabling the entire workforce to obtain a better focus on what is and is not working. The Hayner Group CE Model includes measurements to track behavior and activity which results in an improved customer experience today, and increases the organization’s ability to innovate in the near future. Some of the features of the CE Model include: reducing outstanding receivables; making the sales funnel more accurate; improving employee morale; and setting the baseline of an infrastructure necessary to scale the company’s revenue. Learn how to do more of what you do best!

This overarching model utilizes KPIs derived around activity and behavior rather than speculation. The Hayner Group builds, tracks, and helps manage the KPIs not only with the end result (for example, increased revenue attainment) but also the activities and behavior required to achieve the revenue targets. It links prospective customer commitments with timelines and stages, and all combined, it will provide accurate information to better predict when an account will close, and allocate the subsequent company resources to support and scale growth.