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Development of Channel Partner/Reseller Programs

A successful channel program is heavily reliant on the best practices that the company’s direct sales initiative has built.

The channel can be the most effective way to multiply the success of the sales process.

With extensive experience in the development of robust, revenue driving channel programs, The Hayner Group can build comprehensive Channel Programs that consist of the following elements:

  • Corporate Channel Narrative
  • Organizational Development (Current & Future)
  • Creation of Sales Model: from opening call to closing appointment with associated stage percentage to close for agents and internal sales
  • Channel Contract Development
  • Internal/External Compensation Program Development
  • Development of Marketing Tools to Help Channel Partners Sell
  • Development of Channel Partner Recruitment Systems
  • Executive Coaching and Consulting: problem-solving and strategic account pre-briefing and de-briefing on large agent/sales opportunities
  • Thought Leadership & PR Review/Recommendations for Channel Development Promotion