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Connecting Current and Future Mantra to Company Operations

The Hayner Group can facilitate Mantra-Building Sessions to create consensus around the company’s philosophy or reason for being.

A mantra is a short, few-word phrase that epitomizes your company philosophy. An effective mantra focuses on a corporation’s reason for being. 

Most often your mantra is the slogan on which you rely to communicate a strong message. The company mantra is used both inside and outside the company for employees and customers. It’s something you repeat over and over, and should be succinct and powerful enough to stand alone without further explanation.

In these sessions, The Hayner Group will not only help to create an effective mantra, but also surface how operating functions are supporting products, and through this indirect dialogue determine the functions which are working or not working. For example, some mantra sessions have resulted in business analysis as to what the numbers and metrics are saying, and the creation of a dashboard of measurement. With The Hayner Group’s focus on process, each of our modules leads back to how to make your organization more effective.