venture capital consulting servicesAre you deriving the most value from your portfolio companies?

The Hayner Group can provide your companies with consulting expertise for organic and strategic growth, from business process improvement to M&A and exit strategies. Whatever the objective, we help identify the areas where value can be maximized for all shareholder constituents.

The Hayner Group specializes in developing comprehensive, process-driven organic and strategic growth plans for technology companies with $2-250 million in annualized revenue – in turn generating value for the venture capital funds or private equity firms that are invested in these businesses.

Our organic growth programs include the creation of robust channel programs, building and advising on enterprise sales models, sales and marketing organizational development/hiring practices, and innovative product development. We also build strong brand identity through thought leadership, public relations, and maximizing industry strategic alliances.

Our strategic growth programs include capital plans, merger and acquisition consulting and serving as a liaison to the investment community. The Hayner Group directs long-term and short-term capital planning strategies; assessing and refining corporate branding and messaging; devising go-to-market strategies; assessing risk; and assuming provisional CEO, CRO, CSO, COO, CFO or CMO, advisory board, and Board of Directors roles as needed.

While every engagement we undertake is unique, we leverage the same process-driven best practices to address the areas we assess (and obtain your agreement) as most critical to increasing value. Below is a sampling of the types of recommendations /modules that The Hayner Group has successfully implemented in the past:

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Did You Know?

2 out of 3 middle market executives agree that to grow and thrive in today’s economy, companies have to change strategic course.

Source: Forbes Insights, 2013