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From coaching the sales teams you already have in place to identifying hiring needs and putting the right talent in place, The Hayner Group is expert at maximizing the value of your human capital.

By clearly defining and communicating roles and responsibilities for staff across the organization, we help build efficient, standardized workflow processes. In turn, this process helps the company identify gaps in talent where additional hires or internal staff skill-building is required.

Using positive psychology and positive organizational scholarship, we maximize person/job/organization fit and optimal functioning through rigorous selection, socialization, and training programs. Through this process we build optimal team performance and develop organizational leaders.

Executive Coaching

The Hayner Group partners with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Leveraging our deep expertise in both business process optimization and the discipline of psychology, we motivate your leadership teams to address and overcome issues, explore opportunities, and further develop their own capabilities. As part of the coaching process, we help align roles & responsibilities, build skill sets, and empower leadership teams with new tactical and strategic perspectives. Our areas of expertise include: executive presence, presentation skills, and managing performance anxiety. We incorporate some of the latest research in psychology and neuroscience which has revealed the power of how positive emotions and employees’ strengths can be unleashed to stimulate better performance, higher levels of productivity and full engagement.

Talent Acquisition

We understand the value of the right hire, especially in technology oriented businesses. We incorporate some of the core principles of positive psychology by focusing on helping our clients build positive organizations. In this regard we focus on the strengths of the existing team and gain an understanding of the emotional strengths and weakness of potential new hires to match up people with like personality characteristics to help stimulate better performance and higher levels of productivity, for all team members to become more fully engaged. The Hayner Group leverages our extensive network of founders, entrepreneurs, seasoned executives, and tech sector industry players to identify candidates to fill key leadership roles. If the right talent is not immediately accessible, our team can also assume roles as provisional CEO, CRO, CSO or CMO.

To learn how we can support your HR-related needs with robust consulting services, talk to The Hayner Group today.