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CSOs and CMOs

The Hayner Group has particular expertise in unifying the functional areas of sales and marketing to multiply the return on efforts in both areas.

We help marketing teams to look at sales as a client, and enable sales teams to more clearly articulate their needs for marketing support.

We believe strongly in the value of sales and marketing alignment. Companies that are successful at this often complex process gain a real competitive edge. It is critical that the sales team members, who are on the front lines with your customers every day, can articulate their understanding of buyer behaviors to allow marketing to effectively influence those motivations. This shared understanding of how the customer thinks, feels, reacts, and ultimately purchases, will lead to much more effective marketing initiatives, from promotional campaigns to sales enablement tools.

We are able to help develop sales and marketing plans that are in lock step with each other. We then ensure that sales and marketing is connected tightly to all other facets of your business, maximizing momentum and effectiveness of all initiatives that are undertaken. For example, sales and marketing alignment also creates a closed loop process for lead follow-up, and moves prospects more quickly and efficiently through the sales pipeline. The Hayner Group will help you standardize roles and responsibilities between departments, and optimize workflows to enable more efficient communication and processes.

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