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Our engagements focus on holistic opportunities to increase company value, whether through provisioning our sales methodologies, which sharpen internal focus through better sales forecasting, or by providing strategic guidance in capital raising campaigns, which help support growth and result in an understanding of how your business is valued by investors.

Other offerings supporting both company value and growth are presented below.

Additionally, we can assist with the creation and execution of capital growth plans. As former investors in the venture capital realm ourselves, The Hayner Group team knows what it takes to raise capital effectively. We’ll help you articulate the goal or purpose of your capital raising efforts, and then compare those goals with your larger business plan and financials. This allows us to map out a reasonable and acceptable timeframe for raising the funds, paired with expert recommendation for how to actually execute your search for capital.

The strategies we create to build value are not necessarily limited to these services. If you’d like to learn more about what The Hayner Group can do for you, contact us today.