mid-market consulting servicesDrive more value for your employees and your company by leveraging The Hayner Group tactics and programs to ensure that the IT department is viewed as a profit center and revenue driver, and not a cost center.

Leverage the expertise of our experienced executives, who possess a documented track record of helping IT departments increase their budgets. Our consultants work with your IT leadership team to ensure that all key stakeholders are familiar with the value that IT projects can bring. We do this by focusing on risk mitigation and enhanced productivity. We help you quantify the benefits and communicate them to the organization resulting in IT leadership demonstrating how these initiatives make the company more revenue or profit.

The Hayner Group’s leadership team has extensive experience in building innovative technology companies, and as such is uniquely positioned to help IT departments in middle market companies increase their value within the organization by optimizing existing technologies.

We’ll review your organization’s existing IT infrastructure and advise you on cloud strategies, business continuity planning, and optimizing the existing technologies you already have deployed. The result of our work with your IT team is a strategic technology roadmap that helps the entire IT department be viewed as a profit center for the organization as a whole.

Increase Your IT Project Approval Ratio

Let our proven experts coach your business unit in the presenting of complex and sophisticated IT projects.

Enhance Your Strategic Technology Roadmap

From evaluating your existing solutions to enhancing your department’s innovation index, we’ll empower your team to add organizational value through technology.

Build Value in Your IT Team

From training to certification program development, we’ll empower your IT team with greater skills.

Assess Your Existing IT Costs to Find Cost Savings

We provide technical insight to help you determine the services that maximize your IT spend.

Let The Hayner Group help you unlock IT’s full organizational value. Talk to us today to learn more.