Through an action-oriented and process-driven approach that fully aligns people, procedures, and products, The Hayner Group enables small to mid-size companies, and the private equity and venture capital firms that invest in them, realize new levels of success and value.

The organic and strategic growth plans that we develop combine the proven science of business process optimization methodologies with the art of professional coaching and leadership development to positively impact cultural change and optimize every aspect of business operations.

Today, all growth-oriented companies are faced with limited time, energy and resources, making it ever critical to identify and execute on the initiatives that will yield the greatest results. Grounded in experience, measurable skills and repeatable process-driven strategies, The Hayner Group offers our proven perspectives and a unique and highly effective system of services to maximize your opportunities, supplement your growth efforts and accelerate achievement of your business goals.

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The Hayner Group Management Consulting Services

Our comprehensive management consulting services blend our sales expertise, deep technical knowledge, understanding of organizational and team dynamics, as well as mastery of process improvement methodologies to arm clients with systematic strategies that optimize business performance and enhance shareholder value.
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The Hayner Group IT Consulting Services

Looking to change the perception of IT in your organization, from tactical to strategic? The Hayner Group helps IT leadership teams maximize their value by helping the IT department to be viewed as a profit center and a revenue driver as opposed to a cost center.
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Did You Know?

Retaining a qualified workforce was rated as an extremely important initiative by 46% of executives.

Source: Forbes Insights, 2013